Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born into a poor family. When he was a young child his dad got arrested for owing debt. He wrote 15 major novels throughout his lifetime. Many of them are still popular today. One of his major novels is A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol is probably my favorite thing he wrote. The thing I admire about Dickens is even though he didn’t have the greatest home life when he was growing up, he still went on with his dream to write things people would love to read. On his trip to America he was faced with bad storms and when they finally got there he was mobbed by people on the docks waiting for him. While he was he was asked to give a speech about his writings. Even today people still read the many things he wrote.



assignment #4

stop #3

1) london, 1599

2) many of his plays were first presented there

3) the seats

4) the lower classes, they stood around the stage

5a) 1644

b) septemeber 1999

6a) The Theatre

b) The Curtain, The Rose, The Swan, The Globe, The Fortune

assignment #3

 Tells a story of a deaf girl who loves to play the violin. Shes bullied by other classmates & she thinks she different & wishes she was like everyone else. After being bullied so much she almost quits playing the violin but a man on the street she noticed playing the violin inspired her to keep going on & not let the other kids stop her. He asked her why do u have to be like everyone else when being different can always be the better thing. She gave up on the one thing that she loves doing just because people around her were telling her to. When those people broke her violin she could have easily just forgot about playing but she kept going on. She fixed it & played in the music contest. When she got up on stage she closed her eyes just like the man told her to & played her heart out. Everyone was in shock because of how amazing her playing was. So this story taught us not to let people ruin our dreams or bully us for being different.


Nail a horseshoe to your door: the horseshoe has long been viewed as a good luck charm but it is also believed to ward off evil spirits.

Places today that are supposed to be haunted are the Tate house, the Tower of London, the White House.

People are so interesting in ghosts because they believe they can talk to them & try to figure out why they are still here. People are more interested in ghosts around Halloween because of all the haunted houses & haunted graveyards.


well this is my first blog for this year. last year doing this was alot of fun seeing what everyones looks like & what everyone is talking about.

Emily Dickinson!!

Emily Dickinson

Assignment # 7

first of all that bird is pretty cool how it can make sounds like car alarms & cameras clicking a picture. I never ever thought a bird could make sounds like that. the animals in the nature around us or even in other places in the world have skills that I bet no one never knew about until someone discovers them. by watching this video it surprised me by what animals can actually do.